About Us


Urban Pixel Studios, is a photography and multi purpose studio located in Orlando, Fl operated by photographer Fritz Alize, we offer photography services for any occasions, also studio rentals for photography, meetings, and workshops.


Why Us?

24/7 Operation: (Access our studio at anytime)
Natural light room: (Indoor room with natural light)
Affordable rates: (Compare to any other professional studio in Orlando)
Great location: (with many restaurants, and stores near by)
Accessible: (Right off I4 and Lee Road, minutes from downtown Orlando )
Spacious: (2000SF of shooting space, with 3 hair and makeup stations & changing room)
Internet access (200 MPS enough speed to upload your pictures and videos)
Full house audio: (Simply hook up your device or stream wirelessly thru Sonos app)
Lighting: (limited lighting and accessories are available to use at no additional cost)
No membership contract: (No need to worry about long term commitment, simply pay as you go)


Membership Rates


Hourly Rates: $40 per hour
Gold Membership Package: $200 12 Hours per month Limited to 4 hour daily use.
Platinum Membership Package: $300 Unlimited hours Limited to 5 hour daily use.


NOTE: *All rates are for studio rentals and memberships only, rates are NOT intended for group shootout, workshop, or events of any kind.
All rates and membership packages are nonrefundable, for any additional informations please click HERE
For any additional information regarding special booking please contact us.